Monday, June 20, 2011

I live in Iowa: Week 9

Another pleasant week in Iowa. I only worked 41 hours this week, usually I work a few more but the weather was nice this week and when my eight hours for the day came to a close it was time to go outside. That being said it was a little warm this week, in the 80s, and air-conditioning at work is rather nice.

I hardly ran at all this week probably only 20 miles over a few runs, but I spent a lot of time riding my Miyata around in anticipation of my new 6 series Trek. I figure I put in around 220-230 miles this week on the bike. My biggest rides were 75 on Sunday, 35+ on Friday and 60 on Saturday with a few 25 milers in there. Cycling is so easy. You get to sit down the whole time, you don't have to pedal all the time, although I probably do 98-99% of the time. Plus, on a hot day there is constantly wind going across your body and towns around here are nicely spaced about one water bottle apart.

Speaking of traveling around this part of the country I rode to Galena, Illinois on one of my rides. That place looks pretty cool. A very well developed downtown complete with all sorts of stores to take my money including a number of historical sites. I have to make it back there when I am not wearing spandex.

Not too much else happened this week. I spent some time socializing both from the seat of my bicycle, and a restaurant. I am also in the middle of one of my anthropology experiments and I can't help but laugh about it. It deserves it's own article. It is one of those things that I figured out, with much help from my sister actually, and now I am applying it outside of my family.

Circling around to running, I have decided not to do an October marathon. My recovery, specifically my foot, is not healing fast enough for me to be ready for an October marathon. There is one in December and one in January that I am considering. In the meantime the local better-than-I runner is aiming for a sub-15 5k this summer and it's about time I set a personal record at that distance so for the next probably two months it will be the 5k then probably fall half marathons and a winter marathon. Who knows, I mean I have not run even one 5k workout yet so we shall see how it goes.

In all another good week, "living the life." Hopefully you are enjoying some success or more success than I am. At least hopefully you are employed. If you are unemployed, for the better, although possibly unknown reason, you are still in the game. Two 24 year old women died this week, one in Sheboygan and one in Dubuque. On had a six year old and the other was engaged to be married. Life is short y'all.

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