Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just When Everything is Going Well...

I buy a new bicycle and my van develops a new rattle and the check engine light comes on. I am sure I am not alone in this feeling. It happens often enough when I am running, I get in shape, and get injured.

I feel there is something to learn from all of this. Perhaps it is that we delude ourselves into thinking we have control of many factors, when we typically have influence over very few. Perhaps it means something else. Whatever it means, it is important not to take things for granted. Who knows when your or my prosperity might end.

In other news on my Wednesday night bike ride we did 50 miles and around mile 45 we took on a two mile long 400 foot tall hill, and I made it to the top first. Of the ten people on the ride four of us were hammering, yet I managed to hammer hardest. It's the first time I have crested a hill first with this group. Perhaps the bike makes a difference... I also hit 50.8 mph going down a hill Thursday. I felt so in control I want to try 60 now. Right now, I have biking. I'm not taking it for granted, I'm going to do 200 miles on Saturday, or at least try. It is a life goal inspired by Gary Erickson's "175 mile epiphany ride". Read the back of a Clif Bar to hear more of the story.

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