Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Waves

Many things in life are like waves. They go up and come down. Back and forth. Higher and lower.

People like the high times and despise the low times. I feel that the low times really let me appreciate the high times. About a year and a half ago I tore the plantar on my right foot. I did not run a step for 11 weeks and one day after trying for a month to muscle through it. It was quite upsetting. It basically destroyed a year of what I thought would be the best of my NCAA running career. Instead I rode my bike through the New England fall. I never really appreciated the changing of the colors until I rode on curvy back roads up and down hills through Massachusetts. Even at that low point I had a lot to enjoy.

When I started to run again I remember this one run I had which was only like two miles around the track, but my foot did not hurt. I was so elated. I had gone through a time when I wondered if I would ever run again. Yet now a year and a half later I have set personal records in the 800, mile, 5 mile, and half marathon.

The motivation for this post is obviously the low point of income that I have now. This too shall pass. When, I don't know. How, I don't know. There is so much I don't know. I do know that things work out. Maybe not the way we intended and usually not when we intend, but they do work out.

Bad days make the good days that much better.

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