Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Spring Equinox!

Saturday March 20th was the vernal spring equinox. That means that there was an equal amount of day and night. This is significant because it ushers in the best six months for outdoor sports. At least outdoor sports that don't involve snow. Well, snow at low elevations on south facing slopes.

For runners the next six months are just fantastic! There is plenty of sun. It's generally warm enough to wear shorts. You can work until 6 PM and still have an hour or more of sunlight. In the winter it is easy to make excuses to not get outside and do something. The weather is bad and it's dark. Now life is better. The weather is not as bad and it's light out. It's time to get back on the bike, get a new pair of running shoes, buy a swimsuit, pump up the bike tires, plant the garden, or swear at road bikers and runners with the windows down if that is your warm weather hobby.

So get out there. Have some fun. Exercise a little. Smile. You have just made it through another winter.

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