Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pictures of Colorado Life

A friend recently asked for pictures of what I was up to. So without further ado here is a sampling of what I have been up to in pictures.

My desk and procrastination/fox/deer/inspiration window:
So technically, I have a corner office with windows (one of my life dreams = done):
The neighbors are always walking through our yard:
I have to cross the highway on most runs (that's Bergen Peak 9,708ft and a 12 mile run):
View on the way back of the trails I hit up once or twice a day (usually less snow):
My friends walking around frozen Echo lake:
Mt. Evans and Bierstadt from Echo lake at 10,800 feet:
Sometimes it's a little cold on my morning runs and ice freezes on my face:
A backcountry ski trip up to Lake Mary with two of my roomates and my roomate's dog that decided to kill and eat a live Camelbak:
I'm taking it to 300,000 miles:
Obviously there is more. However, I try not to be too revealing about my friends on my blog so I haven't posted their faces. Also, when I'm doing most of the fun stuff I don't stop to take pictures. If you want to see more you should move out or at least come for a visit. Colorado! (Someone should pay me to advertise for this state...)

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