Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Unemployment Chronicles: Week 3

The view on Interstate 90 Wednesday before they closed it down for two days.
In the job hunting escapade: the week started off with me emailing several people in my WPI life that have been influential asking for introductions to people in the Denver metro area that might be looking for employees or know people looking for employees. Well I completely struck out with one of them and only hit a grounder to get on first with the other one. Not exactly the home run I was looking for. I spent the later half of the week snowed in in Minnesota away from internet access, besides my phone. So I applied for zero jobs online. However, due to the world being small I am following up with another friend for a possible introduction to a person that can probably help find me a job. As far as actually applying for jobs and such the week was more or less a wash. However, I am now in Colorado and I have thought up a few other contacts which I will pursue in the next week.

It's a scary thing. Being unemployed. In fact in the next week I am going to start searching out jobs that I can do until I land that engineering job with a fat salary. Well, a salary big enough to pay my loans. Honestly any engineering job that I could land I would be happy for. I'd even be happy with an internship right now. I'd even be happy for the next month if I could just sharpen cross cut saws or use one of my other skills. When you have a future be it another semester, a job lined up, or even just work on Monday you have this peace (and possibly ignorance) instead of this anxiety.

On a somewhat unrelated note I started coaching my first athlete, and he is going to pay me! While this is not the job I am looking for and it won't even cover one of my bills each month it is something which is better than nothing.

In the rest of my life (what is not getting me a job): I ran a meager 83 miles but had a good workout and took a day off to drive 13 hours across the country. I finally painted my political theory. Besides the 120 dollars I spent driving 1300 miles I didn't spend really any money which is always a good thing.

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