Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bipartisan Political Theory

It's rare that I get political but I've had the following idea in my head for six years and I finally made it a picture. It is also abstract art so if you just want to enjoy it and draw your own conclusions don't read the explanation below. The title is "Bipartisan Politics".

Explanation of the non-obvious. This story begins in high school. I had a thorough current events and government teacher who taught us about the US political system. He explained the two party system as a linear range with a red and blue, conservative and liberal, which ranged from fanatical people on one end to moderates in the middle and then more fanatical people on the other end. When I thought about his theory I thought that when you get to the extreme people on the ends it really don't matter what side you are on. This system can also be applied to many other systems such as conservative and liberal Islam or environmentalism. Thinking about other systems I realized that if you take it to the very extreme to the one or two people on the very end of spectrum that destroy logging machinery or bomb stuff their affiliation is not clear. To me these drastic acts are often destructive and it is not always obvious if it conservative people or liberal people who are doing it. So I thought up the political system theory above.

The white background is painted with traditional horizontal continuous brush strokes representing the traditional view of one dimensional politics. The circle represents the range of traditional dichotomy political views. The red and blue represent two opposing political parties. The white represents those with no clear views. The black represents those with extreme views that neither party wishes to be identified with. This is where the rest of the canvas becomes important. There does not necessarily have to be a view that is with one party or the other. It is a false dichotomy that we traditionally think of in politics. There may be other options beyond those on the circle. I considered putting more color on the canvas such as some green but I could not decide where to put it and this way I am not trying to completely describe an entire political system just the fact that there are other options. I also can not sign it because every part of the canvas has a different meaning and I do not want to be permanently identified with any one corner.

I hope you enjoy it get some value out of it.

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