Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Unemployment Chronicles: Week 2

This week was a slight improvement over last week.

Applying for jobs: I applied for eight jobs in three states: California, Arizona, and Colorado. I also did some research trying to extrapolate possible second or third degree connections I have to employers in Colorado. I figured out two connections which I shall definitely follow up on. The way I see it the chance of getting called for any one job I apply for online is very low but then again I am only looking for one job.

Another interesting piece of information I discovered while applying for jobs is that I may qualify as an engineer II in some instances. (An engineer I is basically the bottom and III is more experienced and then there are senior engineers and up the management chain and pay scale you go.) Because of my masters degree and limited experience I have very strong credentials for a new starting engineer.

Other diversions of time: I ran my weekly mileage high of 127 miles. I also had a good 15 miler in there, a tough tempo in terrible conditions, then a workout with three miles at LT pace and six 400s at goal mile pace (4:22-23).

I sold two of the four things I listed on eBay. The problem with all the stuff I have is that none of it is worth more than a few cents on eBay or I am not trying to get rid of it.

I spent a good amount of the week painting "Holden Reservoir Number One" which is a view of one of the Holden/Worcester reservoirs along some of my favorite long runs in Worcester. It's two feet by three feet and took more than twice as long as I expected. It's approximately the view in October as the leaves change color. In person the reds stand out a little more. I painted it to remind me of all the wonderful runs and bike rides I had going past that spot. Seen for the first time in public:

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  1. Nice job on the painting. I know exactly where that is.


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