Sunday, April 5, 2009

Organizing my thoughts and my future: part one (mountains)

Just getting stuff out is a good thing. It helps people realize what they want. So here is my "this would be cool" to do list of mountains (not quite in any order):

  • Gasherbrum IV
  • Mt. Everest
  • K2 (maybe)
  • Denali
  • Aconcagua
  • Bugaboos (anything)
  • Wind River Range (anything maybe first ascent)
  • Grand Teton
  • The Diamond on Longs Peak 20 more times
  • El Pico de Orizaba
  • El Cap, The Nose
  • Halfdome (anything on the face)
  • Mt. Saint Elias
  • Rainier, Liberty Ridge
  • Kaytadn, something hard, in winter
  • Crestone Peak, something hard
  • Some multipitch dessert towers requiring at least 3 double rope rappels
  • Devil's Tower
  • Cirque of the Unclimables or those Bat spires near there, anything
That's about it. I like summits more than the top of walls. I know there's a lot of cool stuff out there but these stick out in my head as being particularly survivable and still challenging. 

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