Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broad Peak

So Field Touring Alpine just told me that they had five people back out of the Gasherbrum 2 expeditions (bad economy most likely) and so they are switching us over to Broad Peak. Stu said that he could find a way to get me on a G2 expedition with a different organizer but I'm really attracted to FTA and the best part would be the climb team on BP. The benefits:
  1. Base Camp (BC) is 1.5 miles from K2 base camp. How cool is that?
  2. Of the 11 members 10 have been on 8000 meter expeditions, the other has been on Aconcagua and other 6000 meter things. I would totally be the noobie. 
  3. Three of the members are doing the k2 double. More experience.
  4. Lots of people get to the fore summit of just over 8000 meters on BP. I could be happy with that.
So, yeah, no Gasherbrum 2.

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