Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easy Finite Element Modeling

It doesn't exist. For anyone that thinks that setting up a computer simulation is something to do in an hour and then let it run for four hours and look at the pretty pictures you are misinformed. I spent five hours this morning running Jominy end quench blocks in Abaqus using different quenching recipes. It is one thing to create a part or a mesh or several steps or interactions but getting them all to work together and give you the same results that hundreds of scientific papers have proven is a little more challenging. If your elastic modulus is off by one order of magnitude because you missed a centimeter to millimeter conversion it could take you hours to figure out why the wing doesn't flex. 

Modeling isn't easy or fast. Although, I can run a Jominy end quench test in only two minutes after changing the heat transfer coefficients compared to the three hours of actual time to complete a test in real life. 

While my blog has no theme except the challenges I face or stories from my life as a 22 year old in 2009, I post about Abaqus because I spent hundreds of hours figuring things out the hard way so if I can give people a few tips and save them ten hours this world just may be a better place.

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