Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Colorado Startup Life: Week 6

Full disclosure, next week's review will be more interesting.

Work went well overall. I struggled a couple times to do some things and communicate well, feeling like an idiot. Then I had another couple moments when I came through and really delivered.

It is common in startups for there to be a little chaos. It's something I've struggled with a bit so far, because I am feeling several different priorities and I'm not sure what is most important. In other words, several times I've been working on step 37 when we are only on step 16. The problem is, I've got responsibility for step 37 on one project and step 42 on a second project, so what else am I supposed to do? I've actually felt a little underutilized. I came in ready to work nights and weekends and have not done that at all yet. That being said... stay tuned for next week :)!

Running went well. I ran 6.5 miles in two runs. On Monday I averaged 9:15 pace, and on Friday I averaged 8:30 pace! The anticoagulant medication is kicking in and I am getting more oxygen to my blood all the time. I will admit, on Monday after my poor run I took an extra dose of the medication. I had an extra dose to start with, so I went ahead and took it for a total of 45 mg for the day instead of only 30 mg. Pulmonary embolisms kill people?!

Tuesday I went on a first date from Bumble. It lasted 2.5 hours! Whew, that's too long for a first date. But I would probably do it again. After the very good time we had at the bar, we actually both agreed that we weren't right for each other, and could probably do the friends things. Don't feel bad for anyone, I list on my profile that I'd like to start as friends and go from there. In other words, it's pretty great being out around such a large dating pool.

Saturday I flew back to Wisconsin to visit my parents, for the first time in 2018! We had seen each other earlier in the year in Minnesota, but I had not been to their house in Wisconsin.

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