Monday, October 22, 2018

Colorado Startup Life: Week 5

Obviously the highlight of the week was my Thursday CT scan and the following trip to the emergency room. I'll give a write up of the whole pulmonary embolism process of nine doctor's visits eventually, starting from March. In short, My CT scan was at about 8:30 AM and by about 8:45 I was in the emergency room and told that I might have to stay the night. They let me go around 10:30 AM and I'm now taking Xarelto. It's funny, when I left the ER doctor said to me based on a blood test and my vitals, "You're in really good health!" Thanks, I haven't heard that one before, NOT!
10 Minutes before my Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis
Work was good. It's fascinating learning about organization, and disorganization. In every engineering program, that I have been a part of, that is ground up, at the outset everything can be changed when two or three people agree, sometimes even just when one person decides something needs to change. However, as a program matures it gets to point where a little change needs to be documented and agreed to by a large group of people, before the engineering on the change is done. What is the ideal balance? I don't know. And I'm not sure anyone knows the ideal balance. So we're learning.

As for the weekends, Sunday I was a couch potato, and Saturday it warmed up to 71F so I went for a 30 mile bicycle ride almost up Left Hand Canyon to Jamestown. (Yes, the Left Hand Canyon of Left Hand Brewing fame, it's just 10 miles from my apartment.)

Ever since Thursday morning, I've been laughing and giggling and smiling because I'm alive! How fortunate I am to be alive?! When my family visited New York in 2001 David Bloom was hosting the Today Show, and we went, and he walked right past us after the show as we sat on the plaza. When he died at age 39 in Iraq two years later from a pulmonary embolism it was a surprise to everyone because he was so young. I'm in my 30s! What does this mean?

I hope you had a good week, and are in good health!

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