Monday, December 4, 2017

The Tapering Lows

A week and a half ago, I strained my hip. Last Monday I had a massage, and my therapist determined it was my psoas muscle. Often the day after a massage I will be sore, even have bruises, but this time I was sore for five days! It slowed my running and I was even limping!

This has happened multiple times, I come down with some aliment in the last few weeks of training. In November 2011 I didn't have a good workout the last four weeks leading up to my marathon, but the last two days before the race I started to feel better and then ran my PR.

It could be mental, psychosomatic. It could be my brain is subconsciously making me feel pain so that I don't over do it in the last few weeks, because I have a tendency to over do it, to over train, or more appropriately, over live. The last few days it has made me more thankful to God for the physical fitness blessings he has given me to even attempt these kinds of adventures. If this is my last race ever, or if I become paralyzed before the race on Saturday, it's okay, I don't deserve any better. Certainly, an injury is depressing, but more importantly it reminds me that I am not in control, of anything, even my own body! Sure, I have a lot of influence over my body, but I don't totally control it. Anyone who believes he or she truly controls much of anything is fooling himself or herself.

Fortunately I had a nice 10 mile trail run last night and a pleasant 18:24 5k tempo on the track tonight. Provided I recover and rest up well the next four days and five nights, Desert Solstice could go quite well. However the race goes, it's not about me or what I did or do, it's about God, and what he has made possible. So I ask my favorite question, what is possible? And that is what I aim to explore on Saturday and Sunday.

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