Friday, August 12, 2016

Independence: Week 8

I am going to get this posted before next week. Last week was not terribly dramatic or exciting, which is a good thing.

Work is going just fine. I'm asking questions that no one else ever seems to have asked and I'm crunching through data that no one else has ever crunched through. It may not be as thrilling as flying around the country and world to repair machines but it's how real breakthroughs come up. It takes time staring at something to ask the questions and challenge the assumptions that have gotten us to this point. In other words, I'm learning quite a bit, which is exactly the reason I wanted to come down here and work in this department.

Running went really well. I did 81 miles for the week, including 22 on Friday and 23.6 on Saturday for a couple back to back hard days. Not to mention, all of that was run in temperatures above 70, some above 90, not including humidity and sunshine, which both increase how hot it actually feels. I've never trained for a 24 hour run and it's different. Everything is pretty slow. For example, before my first 24 hour run I was marathon training and doing 10-14 mile tempos at 6:10 pace, and 100 mile weeks, but no runs longer than 2:30. This time I haven't done a single tempo and I'm doing less overall mileage, but many runs between 2:30 and 3:40, which is a long time to be on your feet.

Pretty quiet week otherwise, just watching some Olympic preview coverage.

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