Monday, August 29, 2016

Independence: Week 11

I'm typing this with one hand, so it will be even shorter than usual for this summer. You should try using only one hand some time. I doubt most people would make it a half hour before defaulting to using two hands.

Work is interesting. I'm working on a part that has not been updated since 1984. Honestly, I am scared to update it because no one has changed it in 32 years, longer than I have been alive, and I don't want to screw it up. The revelation I have come to is that I will need to do testing on any new design before it sees production. Not really a revelation, but the number of things I put into production without any testing is significant.

The other side of a project like this is that on a part with such a long history quite a few people have opinions on the matter.

Running is going. 60 miles this week with two long runs including a scorcher Saturday that I ended up walking and slowly jogging in the last like 10 miles thanks to a little dehydration and 96ºF heat index, which I thought I was used to by now.

My house purchase is going well! I can't wait to spill the details on the deal. It's my first venture into real estate and I almost feel embarrassed to talk about it.

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