Monday, August 25, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 166

Another week that was a seeming blur, except for the fact that so often by the time I get to 8 PM, I'm so worn out that time seems to slow down as I decompress from the day. Maybe a pretty typical week, maybe not. What is a typical week anyway?

I worked every weekday day this week, no real surprise there. The joke that I don't have any vacation until March 2015 really doesn't get old. I did have a whopping 24 hours of meetings, that I attended. Many meetings finish early, but the point is, around half of my week was spent in meetings. Meetings have two purposes, make a decision, and share information more effectively than email. A meeting can do both, but if it does neither, it's a waste of time. As I go to all of these meetings I like to joke that I am not an engineer, I'm a junior project manager.

Running was nice, but I have overreached and I'm taking Monday (today) off. I ran 35 leagues, much of that in hot and humid weather. I even have a little sunburn on my shoulders. I was hoping to get a few more miles this week, but I was too tired. Funny story about running Saturday morning, I get to Heritage trail about 9 AM. The Loras XC team was just finishing up, people were fishing, other cycling, in total maybe 30 cars in the parking lot, it was packed. About 30 minutes into my run it start raining, and only rains harder over the next hour. By the time I returned to the parking lot I was the only car there. Regardless of the season, day of the week or time of day that is unusual, especially on a Saturday at 10:30 am in the summer.

Pretty quiet otherwise. A friend lent me the Alien box set so I watched all four Alien movies this weekend. I went out for sushi and was reminded that I don't go out too often because it's really expensive.

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