Sunday, May 4, 2014

Positive Things to Say

I spent an hour writing this offline, and managed to delete my original words. Story of this trip. There is a saying, "don't say anything if you don't have anything positive to say." I don't have a lot of positivity right now. This is not the experience I came for.

The problem is my experience has been so colored by miscommunication, tragedy, inexperience and nepotism (maybe even corruption, but I'm ready to call it that). In the future I will compare Pakistan and Nepal, and it's just not that great of a comparison. 

There are two questions hanging over my head now.
1. "What was the point or what does this mean?"
2. "Will I come back to try it again?"

Asian Trekking gave us a good deal to come back, but so much more than a price for an expedition makes a difference in the decision to come here. 

I'm off for now, This is our crew in the tea house at Mera base camp.
Mera Base Camp "Tea House"

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