Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unemployment Is Going Nowhere

The unemployment numbers were once again released. We in the US are still sitting at 9%. The stimulus, didn't really work. The recession hit in 2008, three years ago, and times are still tough for millions of people.

I never paid attention to the monthly unemployment figures until I was unemployed for a month. I have learned so much since I began paying attention. First of all, the way they measure unemployment is basically people collecting unemployment checks. Ignored in these figures are stay at home parents, students, forced into early retirement people, and people who have been unemployed so long they are discouraged. The last group is an ever growing group might I add. Secondly, the figures are "seasonally adjusted" which basically means a portion of the population only works part of the year so it does not matter that the are unemployed.

The good news is I have a 55,000 word book that could help some of these people, but the bad news is it sits saved in three locations and not at a publishing house or book store.

My friends, be thankful for your prosperity because among us in this country many people have a very hard life.

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