Monday, July 4, 2011

I Live in Iowa: Week 11

Happy 4th of July! While this is our Independence day I would like to remind all of you that millions of Americans have fought, died, and been wounded in the battle against tyranny and we are so incredibly fortunate to have what we do. I enjoy so much luxury and freedom and it is because so many people have suffered so much. Thank you veterans!

Another wonderful week living the dream. Okay, so the dream varies a little bit now and then but  any complaints that I have are entirely selfish. I worked 42 hours this week and with the plastic simulation that I am working on I really got into viscoelastic properties and I have been learning and relearning all sorts of things about material flow and plastics. It's exciting stuff, and I get paid for it!

I ran very little, although I did do a 3xmile workout running 5:15-5:20 pace with 4x200 on the end running 32-34 pace. Considering I am not really training right now, that's pretty good. I am kind of taking a break from running at the moment, but I'm doing it with the intention of coming back faster. You see, I'm putting in huge mileage on the bicycle including hill workouts which are kind of like fartleks. Plus, I am doing slow anaerobic/LT area workouts which is really key to speed although it is something that is generally neglected in base training. I'll probably post on that in the coming weeks.

Bicycling I did 340-350 miles. Sunday - Off, Monday - 50 on the Heritage Trail on my cyclocross single speed, Tuesday - 25 after my track workout, Wednesday - 55 with the Free Flight team including winning a hill climb, Thursday - 16 including Potts Hill, Friday - Off, Saturday - 200. Talk about a lot of time on the bicycle. The thing is I just feel so fast on my new bicycle. Does the carbon frame and lighter wheels and paddle shifters and 20 speeds make a difference? Yes, at least I think so, and really the opinion that matters in regards to the value of my multi-thousand dollar purchase is mine.

I didn't do a whole lot else this week besides go to work and ride my bicycle. I did have Pancheros for the first time. Its a burrito place like Moe's, Qdoba, or Chipotle. No Moe-Rita's but the burritos are good.

The Tour De France did Start Saturday and as I write this after watching part of the team time trail I have to say I'm rooting for Andy Schlek and Bradley Wiggins for the overall, Fabian Cancellara to just do crazy stuff and tear people apart, as well as hoping that the Americans Levi Leipheimer and George Hincapie have stellar tours. It's going to be a good tour. Alberto Contador is already 1:42 behind after only two stages, which is a lot to make up, but possible in one or two stages. The highest tour finish in history will occur on July 21st at the  Col du Galibier, and the next day they will tackle the L'Alpe d'Huez. That being said, the main contender is already over a minutes a half behind so he may be out of contention by the time they get there. It's going to be exciting. 

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