Friday, April 29, 2011

Shampoo, Cooking Oil, Dishtowel, Lighbulbs, and Hangers

How many things do we, or at least I, take for granted and forget about until after they run out? It seems like every day in my new apartment I am finding a new item that I don't have. It is a little frustrating, but mostly humorous. I have had so many "fiascos" in the mountains that burning some eggs or only having two working lights in my apartment is more funny than irritating.

The other thing is, as I think about growing older and possible future things I wonder how I could ever take care of someone else well when it takes most of my effort to keep me from falling apart.

Industry is a different place than college. There is a lot more money at stake. People are in a slower rhythm that I suppose they intend to maintain for 40 years. Everybody seems to be married and have kids. I feel like 2010 was a bubble year for me. Then and before then very few of my friends were having kids. Now it seems like everyone I know has kids. I feel like I am "supposed" to get married and have kids. This transition kind of happened overnight, at the end of January.

On the other hand, being single leaves so much more time and money in the discretionary category. The moral of the story is I need to go shopping, but at least tonight I'm doing the laundry. Plus, I've run over 150 days in a row. The deeper moral of the story, enjoy every day for what it is and what you have because you never really know which day might be your last. If you have the resources to read this you are fortunate. Not everyone can read. Appreciate (and share) your gifts, that is what I am trying to say.

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