Monday, April 18, 2011

The Life of a Contract Engineer: Week 12 ...The End

This was my last week at Kohler. It was bittersweet. I am very excited for my new job and all of the new experiences that I will have yet I already miss the friends I made living and working around Sheboygan.

All things considered I had a productive week. I was doing project faster than I had even two weeks ago. I am spent time teaching software to a person more senior than I. While that is not the first time I have been in that situation it was the first time I was getting paid as much as I do and he as much as he does. In other words, there was more money at stake.

I learned to weld this week! I MIG welded about two feet and by that point I was half decent. Now I had two welding experts standing over my shoulder so after every two inches they would tell me three things to change and after a mere 15 minutes I was getting the hang of it. A few things to clarify. MIG welding uses a thing that they call a squirt gun because all that is necessary is to hold it at the right angle, move it at the right speed, keep it at the best distance, and pull the trigger. They even offered me a welding job! ...for three dollars an hour in China.

Running was a recovery week. After the half marathon I did most jogging this week. I did have a track workout 10x300 meters with 100 meters recovery jog. The high school kids were stretching on the infield and I got a complement, "wow, you're really good." I smiled and they all laughed. I am such a different runner now than when I was in high school.

I went out for food and drinks multiple times this week with coworkers and family. One meal even ended in a three and a half mile jog along Lake Michigan. Good times. I might say more about my week but my thumbs are getting tired from typing on my phone.

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