Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cake is Done!

We still have to put the frosting on and maybe some sprinkles, but the cake is done! Of course when I say cake I mean the extensive specific and long workouts associated with training for a marathon. Wednesday night I managed 16 miles on a cinder rail trail in 1:32:44. That means 58:01 through ten miles and 1:15:55 for the half marathon. My second fastest half marathon and a mere two minutes slower than my personal record and it was solo on a dirt trail.

From here on out I have 2-4 workouts in the 5k to 10k range. Noting too tiring or difficult. This is the bulk of it. A few longer tempos and long runs in the bank of my legs and now the goal is to rest and do just enough work to keep my body remembering what marathon pace is. I know I still have more than two weeks, but the workouts and the experience of training for a marathon has been amazing. If I explode on marathon day or have some other setback I will be comforted by all that I have already done. This whole ability and experience of running is a gift that I am able to enjoy now and I don't take that for granted.

All of that being said I already know my preparation was not as good as it could have been. There is always something to tweak and make better when it comes to humans.

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