Thursday, February 3, 2011


In the music industry remixes are a popular thing. Sometimes a remix is better than the original song. I feel bad saying that and I was going to give a few examples, but then I decided that music is in large part about personal taste and it is possible that some remix that I like and original song I don't like is the total opposite opinion of everyone who read this. So I'll refrain.

The point is that someone, typically someone who is good with computer programs or turntables is the one who changes the song by speeding it up or adding a beat and occasionally adding in some lyrics. It is essentially taking the work of another artist and adding or changing enough to pass it off as new music.

I realized the other day that engineering is a little like remixes. Just about everything that most engineers do has been done by someone else but it takes a different twist for each new application. I think teaching is especially like a remix. Every teacher brings a different style of teaching to the students and each student brings a different style of learning to the teacher.

Not on the topic of music, which is what inspired my title, by certainly remixing is this video I have watched about four times in the last week and a half. My dad turned me on to it and it pertains to my book. It's worth at least watching the first three minutes. Sometimes we need a little remix.

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