Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sonnet

Patience My Love

Bear with me as I struggle through pain.
My plight is simply so much more
That I never considered the loss in gain
Of a campaign so arduous before.
Without anyone who requires my work
The days fly by with dreams of you.
I feel as if I am the biggest jerk.
For lives go past so that we feel blue.
So much more is still yet hidden inside,
One day I shall benefit those who care.
The road is long and the journey untried
Yet at the end of this toil we shall share
All there is that is blessed from above.
At a distance I remain, patience my love.

I wrote this last Friday and it is really only appropiate for where I am now in my life, an economic state I never thought I would be. I have wanted to write one for years and finally I spent the 40 minutes to do it.  

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