Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Create Good Humor

I have been troubled, since high school, that jokes and comedy usually seemed to make fun of someone. It has been a continual struggle for me because I like laughing but I do not like to make fun of people. That's a sure way to alienate friends and ruin relationships. I may have found one solution... miscommunication.

A man gets a flat tire driving down the road. He stops the car and begins by taking the tire off. A second driver drives up and asks "What are you doing?"

The first driver responds, "I am taking the tire off."

The second driver then picks up and rock and breaks the window. He says, "Well, then I will take the stereo."

Now if that happened in real life it would be a tragedy. But the play on words in the joke is funny. Miscommunication is something we can relate to. The classic "Who's on First?" by Abbot and Costello is a prime example of humorous miscommunication.

There are many other types of comedy, which may simply be humorous, but can often be harmful. Satire, a genre that is often associated with ridicule, exemplifies the disgrace of some people in the hope that there might be change to conform to the ideals of a different group. While the intentions may be positive the response may be filled with anger and vengeance. A problem which ultimately can be polarizing and leave both parties negatively affected. Humor is very powerful and personally a very fulfilling part of my life. However, it is not perfect.

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