Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 30

In the job searching world I have not been called back from the Cincinnati interview yet. So I now have two job opportunities where I could get called any business day and offered a job. Or I could get two calls saying they have found someone better. It is a better position to wait to hear than it is to have nothing to wait for.

In the mean time this week I applied for another 14 jobs or so. Many of the companies that I continually apply to only have sporadic openings. I branched out again looking for opportunities at start up companies. Those jobs are somewhat harder to find. Most companies are very small, do not advertise much, are usually regional, and are typically looking for experienced people once they acquire venture capital.

In other news of my life I ran 61 miles this week! It's the first time, except for the Wonderland Trail week, that I have been above 60 mpw since early June. It is a good sign. Especially since my average pace on runs have been getting faster as my mileage is getting higher. I think that means I am recovering from the Wonderland Trail as a typical build up does not involve progressively higher mileages and progressively faster pace at the same time.

Also, I've been working on a hang board or finger board. It is a way to train for rock climbing using a smallish (8 inches by 24 inches) piece of plastic or wood. Several prototypes have been completed and the first prototype has been tested, quite successfully. Janzen Gear may not be dead.


  1. Why is this still it's not rocket science? Shouldn't it be back to the unemployment chronicles?

  2. That would probably be more appropriate, but it is more depressing.

  3. I think you should revive Janzen Gear. If not those ice axes then do something else you like. Cool light weight packs?


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