Saturday, May 29, 2010

Successful Innovative Companies: Volume 24

The Successful Innovative Company of the Week is: Internet Movie Database Ltd. (IMDb)

What they do right: They list nearly everything in the world of movies. When I say everything I mean it all. For example, I have a friend who is an actress and is listed on IMDb with four of her projects. Some of those do not even have the five ratings required for a rating to show for that movie. Yet there is a cast list and synopsis for each project. (On a side note she is probably best known for being the girl in the One Republic and Timbaland Apologize music video.)

IMDb is the 43rd most popular website in the world (according to Alexa). That's pretty good for a site with such a narrow focus of just movies (and television).

IMDb was officially incorporated in the UK in 1996 and was bought in 1998 by so it is now a private subsidiary company. I'm not sure what exactly that means. I did not find information of the founders leaving with tens of millions. However, Wikipedia said that this arrangement allowed Amazon to advertise and the income was enough to pay the shareholders salaries.

IMDb also offers a list of the Top 250 movies. I have to mention that right now the Shawshank Redemption is at the top of the list so I agree with it. One list that has all of the best movies as rated by their users and when most of the top movies have hundreds of thousands of movies I think they have a fairly good sample size. So the next time you want to watch a movie that is good that you haven't seen go to the list and find one that you haven't seen.

What they could improve: I am not sure that they do this yet but I would like them to list music videos, commercials, and what would be really cool, if they started to list YouTube stuff and other internet videos. Anybody with a camera and a computer can go out and make a movie and post it on the internet and I can see a time, if we aren't there already, when independent film makers will be getting millions of views a week on their various projects and somehow make a living from that kind of publicity. I can imagine a whole sub-industry of internet movie makers, actors, producers, editors, that easily have the skills to go to something full length but with no desire to make that kind of thing.

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