Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 8

In the world of job hunting: I talked to a few people both on the phone and through email. I did not apply for any jobs using the standard online submit-your-resume-and-cover-letter. The more I learn that method is only 4-10% effective. The 10% does refer to technical occupations like engineering, however that rate is very low compared to putting a foot actually in the door or knowing someone on the inside.

I also have been considering a new "field" of work. For a long time I have somewhat avoided thinking about working for the oil industry. I would prefer to be in the aerospace industry or in the mountaineering/running industry. However, I have spent some time recently with a friend who worked for them and he has been been changing my opinion. What does the future hold for me? I have no idea, but I keep learning about interesting opportunities and sooner or later I will go through one of these rabbit holes into a new part of the world and I will learn so much more than I currently fathom.

In the rest of my life: I taught at the Boy Scouts National Camp School at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, near Elbert, CO. This was a great chance for me. I was able to to teach the Rock Climbing Directors how to run a program. There were three instructors and 13 students. I learned a few things, such as get the students alone building anchors early. I also reinforced what I already knew: if you want someone to really get something you have to teach them one on one. Now, that doesn't mean the teacher can only have one student. Many many times, yes even in elementary and high school, the students teach each other.

I ran 51 miles which is down 16 miles from the week before. The schedule was just not conducive to much running. I even had a two mile day and a four mile day. However, I like the fact that 51 miles is considered a really low week for me.

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