Thursday, July 16, 2009

Updates from BP

Hopefully Isaiah shall be summiting in the next couple days. I'll post what was written on the field touring alpine site.

"Hello from BP Base Camp.
Its been far too long in waiting but tomorrow morning at 5 am July 16, 2009 the first wave of the Field Touring Alpine Broad Peak climbers will depart for camp 2 at 6250m. We have joined forces with about 20 other climbers from around the globe who will all be gunning for the summit on July 18 from camp 3 7100M.
The winds are expected to subside to a breezy 40km/h at 7500m and we all expect a very difficult and interesting day out. Strength in numbers is our play on this one.
In the first group of FTA climbers will be, myself(Chris), Fabrizio, Dr. Jim, and Paul R. We have all been high and are expected to go much higher. No pressure right?
In the second wave, the following day, Ben, Taqui, Paul C., Matt and Isaiah will go for it, hopefully meeting us at c3 as we descend. They have not been as high but will likely go very high indeed.
I will do my very best to keep everyone up to date with everything in the days to come.
Chris at BP base.(can you tell i’ve been on the glacier a little too long?)"

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