Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Much Has Happened

I spoke too soon! We recieved an e-mail from Isaiah this morning!

"So on june 29th I made it to camp 2 after sleeping at camp 1. Then we had more or less a week of snowstorms and waiting for it to avalanche. Then finally we went up july 7th and slept at camp two (elevation 6200m or 20,300 ft). I happened to be the third in our team of 10 to get up there. Of course it`s important not to work too hard early so speed now means little. However I woke up at 9 pm an hour after going to bed with a headache. I took half a diamox and drank my bottle of water throughout the night waking every hour or two. At 5:30 am I woke and my headache was worse so I went down and was in bc (basecamp) by 9 for breakfast. I think we are heading up tomorrow at 5 or so to c2 (camp 2) again and hopefully c3 (camp 3) at 7100M or 23,300 ft. Unfortunately the forcast is for winds to increase to 80 mph tuesday and wednesday and even 20 mph winds at 7000m is too much for me. So we`ll see. I`ve had some time to work on the second prototype ice axe and its almost done. Lots of card playing and good videos. Some people have left early and I miss them already. No injuries from our team on the mountain so far. Only 10 days left for us at bc... (...and I`m going to want quite the variety of food when I get home)"

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