Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer for Some

Hi all!
Sorry for the lack of updates we get little news with sparce information every so often. My parents get most of the news from the field touring site and we've only heard from Isaiah once through an e-mail thus far.

A week or maybe two ago Isaiah reported that they had reached base camp at Broad Peak and were nothing less than excited for the upcoming months up the mountain. Isaiah along with a few others experienced mountain sickness upon getting to base camp which is very normal for mountain climbers and was nothing to worry about. We haven't heard from Isaiah himself recently but from reports by other team members it seems everyone is doing well and in good condition.

Their team has since established camp 1, 2, and we just heard today that they have now established camp 3. Camp 3 will be the last camp before the final 13 hour (about) push to the summit. (If conditions aren't right, they have the option of making a camp 4 if needed.)

As most of us have been enjoying our 70+ degree summer days, Isaiah has been seeing freshly fallen snow. For a while the team hadn't been able to make much progress because it had been snowing quite a bit. From what we know now, things are looking better and the team is once again moving.

The best way we can help Isaiah get to the summit is thoughts and prayers for the team!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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