Monday, April 9, 2018

Not Blogging

Argh! Not blogging is wearing away at me. I love writing!

Blogging has allowed me to think through things, systematically analyze them from other angles, and of course reflect. Not blogging much over the last two years has been hard. There are things I want to say, crazy ideas, and I fear saying them, or feel like it's pointless. It feels sometimes like anything I write will only have negative repercussions.

That's why I need to keep writing. Especially now, where I am in life, this story needs to be told, because it's not just me. My crazy thoughts are not only my own, others have crazy thoughts too!

As Andy says in the best movie in the world, "get busy living, or get busy dying." And having watched the Shawshank Redemption dozens of times, it's not an either or choice, it's a call to action to get busy living. It's the classic Nike, "Just Do It." Whew, isn't there fear there? Do you feel it?

I find when I feel fear, and it seems to be irrational, it's quite possibly a sign I am appropriately pushing myself. If you aren't falling in the climbing gym you aren't trying hard enough. The more I am intimidated by an attractive woman, the more I need to introduce myself. hopefully I can push through some of my fear and blog a little more.

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