Monday, July 11, 2016

Independence: Week 4

Wow I haven't been blogging lately! I suppose it is not surprising, I did only spend two nights in Independence this week. I still have to write a trip report for Nolan's 14. I was hoping to do that in Mexico, but I was tired, and ended up with almost no free time after getting in some runs.

I started the week Sunday morning by climbing Huron Peak before sunrise in a snow storm. Yep, another boring weekend. Haha! Like I said last week, I have to write a trip report for my Nolan's 14 attempt. Hopefully this week.

Monday I drove across Colorado and Kansas. I made it back to my house just before the sun went down in time to pack for Mexico and crash in bed. Tuesday I woke up and went into the office for a few hours before getting on a plane in Tulsa and heading to Torreon, Mexico.

This was my first trip to Mexico. Kind of surprising that it's taken me 30 years of my life to get there, I mean, it's one of two countries that touch the USA, so it's pretty easy to get to. So Torreon is actually ranked as the seventh most dangerous place in the world on occasion. So I only ran outside once. It was a pretty awesome trip. I didn't feel threatened or scared like I supposed you are supposed to in a place with a high murder rate. Well, I felt scared enough to not go running in the dark.

My biggest impression during the trip was of the factory, it was awesome. So awesome I wrote an article about it on the plane from Torreon to Dallas that I'll publish tomorrow.

Friday I made it back to the house where I am renting a room Friday night, and proceeded to sleep 15 hours, waking up at 1 PM Saturday. About all I did Saturday was a tiny bit of rock climbing and then go for a run. The run was on trails in hot and humid conditions, but not the worst I have run in this summer, and my heart rate was from 175 up to 191 the last half of the run, and I was just jogging. That's pretty crazy. I mean, my heart rate should not be over 170 unless I'm really pushing the pace. I hope it was a combination of the heat and some sort of exhaustion from Nolan's and maybe a low blood pressure from sleeping 15 hours all wrapped into making my heart race.

So I went to sleep early on Saturday, and called it a busy week.

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