Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Independence: Week 3

I'm so tired right now. It was a pretty average week, let's be honest most are, except that I did head out to Colorado for a little adventure on Thursday night. That's going to be the subject of a different blog post. 

It is interesting adjusting to a new place. I am fortunate to have a number of friends to share activities with already, specifically rock climbing partners, who I climbed with at Elk City Lake Wednesday evening. Figuring out where to shop, who does what, where to run, where to buy vegetables and sea food all take time. Also, since I have moved so many times I know that you just have to get your hands dirty and learn the new place. There is no magic it just takes effort to find the good running routes and vegetables. 

As I learn my new job I am discovering aspects of a product life cycle I did not know about before. We call it continuous improvement. That too deserves another blog post. The teaser to a detailed post on continuous improvement is that it takes more effort to change something once it is in production than before, and more effort can be real science.

Not sure on running and biking mileage this past week. I'm in okay shape, I'm doing some fartleks and long runs, but not top racing shape at all. Although, I am in pretty good mountain climbing shape.

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