Friday, October 11, 2013

Tiny Differences Result in Hugely Variable Outcomes

I thought about this concept while running the other day in regards to running, then I read this post which gives another example of tiny differences making hugely variable outcomes. It's a good link to a link to a video.

What is the difference between Usain Bolt and Nesta Carter? You've heard of Usain Bolt but you probably haven't heard of Nesta Carter. The difference between the two of them is .2 seconds. 9.58 in the 100 versus 9.78 in the 100 meter dash. In those .2 seconds are millions of dollars and international fame. It is the same for CEO versus a VP. What is the difference between a CEO and VP of a division?

There are two points.

  1. Be the best in the world. Whatever your world is, be it wheeled equipment structures analysis, to the victor go the spoils.
  2. Give back and pay it forward to those who have not reached, or will not reach, the status of best in the world.
I am racing the half marathon world record holder in Chicago. He will beat me. But from the point of view of speed, he runs a half marathon at 13.5 miles per hour and I run it at 10.9 miles per hour. A huge difference I know, yet most people will never go faster than 10 miles per hour, nearly as many never as fast as 8.5 miles per hour. 

My hope is that, even though I am not the best in the world about anything I talk about, I can help others develop and learn, so that they might have even more success, and we would all be better for it.

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