Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 82

A few more interesting events than usual. At work I presented Indonesia, both technically and nontechnically to 10 and 50 people respectively. It was really nice to share my experiences with others. I had a bit of a feeling while I was presenting how I approach new experiences different than most people. I do not feel that my risk tolerance is higher. I feel that my risk tolerance is more based on the regret that I might feel from not doing something rather than the diarrhea and cramped flight problems of doing something. A perfect example was on Saturday when I was showing raw videos to my family and friends. Particularly Hong Kong, when I wandered off by myself and was not really sure where I was going. Here I am at night in a big city, where English directions are few, admitting on camera that I am not sure where the ferry I am on is going. It was no big deal to me because I figured that when it got to the end it would probably turn around and go back to the start. Yet for my family and friends they admitted that they would not "wander off" like me.

Running was good. 41 miles. No workouts but a nice 13+ mile run in 60F windy rain. Not much but better than 30 odd miles.

Coaching was a down week. I did go in on two days and one day I did a crazy hour and a half core workout that left me sore for two days! I did work on the schedule for 5K/10k/Steeplechase for the next six months.

I also spent time at my sister's college graduation. It was really nice. My family and I went out Friday night, just the four of us and it was nice to talk in person. Saturday was a busy day. A morning run followed by breakfast, the ceremony, and a great lunch! I could say more, but the Walking Dead is starting and I don't want to miss it.

In case I don't say it otherwise, you had to be there. The camera only captures 35 degrees.

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