Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back on Stage

Today I presented Indonesia to about 50 people at work. I shared what I learned and what I saw. And the videos buffered and skipped like crazy! It was terrible!

However for the first time is nearly a decade I felt like the actor from high school. Sure I have had camp jobs and coaching that reflects talking to groups, but on stage, the only one standing, getting constant attention, it has been awhile. (I had a great time!) Aside from the video issue, which was a significant problem, it was great to be up there presenting, answering questions for 40 minutes. Is this what teachers feel like every day?

So Indonesia is done. I have presented it twice. Both a technical presentation and a non-technical presentation of learned experiences. It is strange to have finished it because obviously we never know what it all means until after it is over. My role seemed to be communication, not necessarily engineering or problem solving. If I can help guide 60 people in some small way to make better machines through access to unique information the trip was a success. I did not realize that until today. I suppose that is what $4,273 of travel expenses gets.

More videos to come. It will take a few weeks for them to trickle out. Today is a blessing!

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