Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Difference of One Person

In the past few days I have been in several (three) groups where there was a new person in the team. A person that has not been exposed to the last 18 meetings or ten months of work and problems. The dynamics of the group change. There is an energy and excitement, not necessarily from the new person, but from the old people who now have the opportunity to share their art with a new person.

One person makes a difference. That person does not even have to say anything, in fact, not saying anything might be more influential or at least dramatic. The simple presence of a new person causes excitement. Everyone wants to participate with his or her best contributions.

This makes me wonder, how did I change things or how do I change things when I am somewhere? Obviously I have never been part of my groups without being there. I suppose I hope my presence encourages excitement, commitment, comfort and faith.

In other words, thank you for coming! Not to read my blog, I appreciate it, but I get more out of this blog than you probably do. I mean, thank you for being part of the groups you are a part of. 'Thank you for being here' is something we do not say often enough. Your presence is valued. On behalf of your group-mates: thank you.

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