Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Subaru Nailed It

Sometimes advertising stands outs and says, "This could be you." While the implication is that you have to buy something to be like that, we all hopefully know that there is a lot more to something than the particular object that facilitates that. Anyway, Subaru described what I am looking for in a relationship.

I know right? That mutual support in endeavors is what I am looking to provide and receive. Of course there are many other factors that are often more important, such as faith, intellect, emotional support, life philosophy, and commitment. However, in 33 seconds Subaru managed to give a nice little summary of a nice Saturday. Only one person that I know, G in Sacramento, has actually seen me run in a marathon. Over five hours of marathoning and only one person I know has seen me. I know what it is like to do stuff like this alone. I still enjoy it, but it's not the same as having a designated driver at the finish line.

Subaru, nice job.


  1. My parents and Alex did this for me when I ran my marathon (Subaru and all!). It was a huge help!

    1. Thanks as always for your comment Lane! Yeah, I totally agree that a support team is amazing!


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