Monday, August 13, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 69

A busy week filled with working, running, bicycling, and driving. This will be short because it's 8:20 and I have to go grocery shopping before I go to bed.

I worked on some projects and was rather effective this week. I hope you liked my Jacobian article, I deal with that stuff all the time so I decided to tell the world about it. Other than that we are nearing the end of a big project which means the things that have been hampering our progress are continuing to hamper our progress, but many of the big issues have been resolved. One week closer to shipping as they say.

I ran a fair amount. I haven't logged it, but I did do a 12 mile run in 1:15 on Sunday and a 14 mile run at low 7s pace on Thursday. For me that means I'm back enough to run with whoever wants to run with me. On the Sunday run I threw in two separate miles hard near the end of the run, and they both ended up being at 5:35 pace. Moral of the story, for what I consider good shape, I am not in shape.

Bicycling I discovered Strava! I downloaded the iPhone App and the GPS tracks my ride. Then when I am done it compares my times up various hills to others. I easily become competitive... (I am king of the  mountain on most of the hills I have cycled up.)

As I mentioned last week my parents were here Sunday and that was nice. There is an article forming in my head about moving many times growing up and the ability to develop long term relationships and I think that my relationship with my parents will be a prominent component of that article...

The weekend was spent driving to and then climbing Devils Tower in Wyoming. Here is a teaser. Taken by my friend and coworker Cristof L. from Brazil.

Me Leading the First Pitch on the Durrance Route Devils Tower

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  1. Nice picture!I didn't remember it being that big. No wonder you wnated to climb it!


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