Monday, August 6, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 68

Short entry today. The last week I have put out some of my best articles so read up on them if you have not yet. They are interesting because they include graphics or videos, and those things are just a little more interesting than writing. In fact I endeavor to include more media in the future.

At work I worked. Some weeks include climactic fulfillments of big projects, other weeks include smaller projects or not as much clear progress. This was one of the later. In the long run all of this experience is serving me incredibly well. I am learning patience and communication skills and to discern what is important and what is not as important. I should say that any time that my attitude about work seems less than thrilling, it's like complaining about a B. Overall I am in a good situation, and that's why I am here.

Exercising I ran and bicycled, but I haven't filled out my running log for the week so I don't know how much I ran yet. I think it was probably in the high 20s. After a whopping 37 miles last week I decided to cool it and I ended up taking two day off of running, although one included a massage and the other a 42 mile bicycle ride so they were contributing to the big picture of training. No workouts this week because of my foot. My tendonitis was on the 3rd metatarsal between my second and third metatarsals. I not longer feel pain there, but I do feel soreness over my 1st metatarsal behind my big toe. This is a common problem in injuries. One area gets hurt and a fraction of a degree change in biomechanics leads to a surrounding area to hurt. So I am taking it easy on myself. It is not painful, but it is sore.

I went rock climbing twice, which is kind of high for me since I have officially become an engineer. We are preparing for a road trip to Devil's Tower. We are going to drive out, climb it, and more or less drive back. At least 26 hours of driving in one weekend. It's going to be fun!

The real highlight for the week was my parents coming to visit. They toured the northern east side of the west including Aberdeen, South Dakota, Williston, North Dakota, and Glacier National Park. The later by the way is eight years away from not having any permanent glaciers. The first two are towns suffering from an oil boom. When I say suffering I mean they don't have enough people to fill all of the jobs. Aberdeen apparently advertises 1000 job openings. So if you are still unemployed, and you aren't an engineer who would like to come to Iowa, go to the oil! They are hiring all types of positions and if you manage to have a college degree and stay for three months you will probably be making $23+ an hour. Now you know. What you do with that information is your choice.

My parents are so incredibly awesome! Somehow or other they did really well with my sister and I. The older I am the more I enjoy spending time with them and talking to them. They end up being my main source to complain to. It was great to have them in town, and yet another reason I need to buy a two bedroom (or more) house so that guests can stay with me.

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