Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Live in Iowa: Week 34

Another fulfilling week of life. The weekly summary will be a little short this week, but I have other posts lined up for the next few days So it will probably even out.

I ran the California International Marathon on Sunday to a delightful 2:30 finish. It was a nice way to start the week. I ended up running one nine minute mile Monday at practice with my college kids. It sounds terrible and it was even worse to watch, but the day after Green Bay I limped through about .2 miles before I gave up. This was a five times improvement, and I didn't quit because I was in pain I quit because I only wanted to run one mile.

The week at work was also rather satisfying. One of the projects I was working on we wanted to get some testing done and as we started to ask, we found out that another group was actually doing the exact test we desired. I couldn't plan things to work out that smoothly! Then there is all sorts of other excitement such as a new steel and another round of physical build and testing. Plus, while I don't always like criticism, I took a little this week, and the criticism giver was totally and completely right and I was all wrong. Ahh yes, the learning experience.

I spent some time coaching and while we have a tiny cohort of distance runners I am sure that they will all have breakthrough seasons this year.

Finally, I have run since the day after my marathon and I am recovering twice as fast as from Green Bay. My downtime has been filled with pizza, movies and a few glasses of wine. (I even stayed awake until 11PM twice this weekend!)

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