Saturday, December 12, 2009

Masters Thesis Presentation

I am presenting my Masters Thesis, Modeling of Heat Treating Processes for Transmission Gears, Monday morning at 9 AM in Higgins 102 at WPI.

If you are in the area and have 45 minutes of free time come by and watch. You will probably learn something. There will also be coffee and some sort of pastry.

If you are wondering what I am going to talk about it's all in the title. Basically, I have spent the past year and a half learning how to make finite element models and heat treat them. All sorts of crazy things happen when you heat up and cool down steel at different rates and add carbon to the mix. Before you know it you have a $50,000 gear that likes to turn into a potato chip. So I have worked on simulating the process and trying to have the exact distortion results in my simulations that have been measured on the gears.

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  1. No comments here? I think it could be really nice that you describe and show us how did you do your thesis, as engineer as FEM beginer and as student doing a thesis(i guess you were like most of us were, completely lost at many points of the process). It could be very interesting to some people like me in order to know how deep can get a master thesis in the states/canada, to know the results and maybe learn about it! Between fem and fem post i read sometimes your personal posts. Keep doing, they are cool!

    Greetings from a spanish guy working in Austria!


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