Monday, February 9, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 190

Another busy week. Actually, I'm pretty sure my issues are past their peak, now it's just about making the updates to make them work. I worked 51 hours, which is the least of the last four weeks. Yes I worked on Saturday again, but we didn't start as early or end as late this week, so not so many hours.

I did manage to catch a cold, that gave me a sore throat and made me awfully tired. Not sure if it was a virus, the stress at work the week before, running and skiing a lot over the last week in January or what. It doesn't matter really. Any of those factors has made me sick in the past, and together, I might as well admit defeat. That being said, I didn't have any sick days, which is good, but I only ran three days this past week. One of the "days off" I cross country skied for 2:45, which is a long time, enough I didn't feel the obligation to run afterwards.

Ran 22 miles, which is less than half of the week before, but getting sick and some fresh snow kept me inside after work several days. I am physically not injured, which is good news. Just getting through the winter healthy is a challenge, and this week was about as difficult as it usually gets.

A tiny bit of socializing, our church had a trivia night, and so I went to that Saturday night. It was fun, we had our laughs and we grew to know each other a little better.

I'm still sick, so this isn't going to be the longest post ever.

I am rapidly approaching four years here in Dubuque, and it's strange! This is becoming a place I have lived longer than other places like Missouri, Oklahoma, and Ohio which all contributed in some way to who I am now.

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