Friday, June 13, 2014

The Here

We often talk in this post modern society about being in the here and now. Certainly an interesting topic. I'm sitting in a coffee shop in the Boston airport waiting on my ride to come pick me up. I'm in Massachusetts, specifically Worcester for two days and nights for a wedding. I didn't tell most of my friends out here I was even coming, despite the desire to see many friends. The reason being, I was invited out for a wedding, hopefully a once in a lifetime experience. I made the decision long ago I have to be where I am. I have so many long distance national and international relationships (none romantic, that's a different aspect I'm going to ignore) that I can't give them all the time and attention I used to while we physically lived close to each other. This is life. 

I feel bad about it. Who doesn't? On a related note, I have 6500 unread personal emails. No guarantee an email you send me will get read. I read emails at work, not necessarily at home.  Regardless, when we spend time together I plan to give you my full and undivided attention. For me that direct and personal communication and that time in my life and the emotion in my voice are all valuable and I don't want to cheapen them simply to "connect" more.

On the odd chance you see me out in Worcester tonight or running around Massachusetts tomorrow, don't be offended I didn't tell you I was coming. I only booked the flight a few days ago and I have to give my friends at this wedding all the attention I can, because I might not be back this way for sometime. 

It's not right for every relationship. I know I have both crushed some others' emotions, and by the same token had some of my emotions crushed when I thought a relationship was more than it was. So I don't know. Every relationship is an experiment of two people. I do know, I'm here, in Massachusetts to see some friends, specifically a couple getting married.

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