Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 9

In the job searching world I applied for about four jobs online through a big aerospace company. Besides that I did not put much effort into finding a permanent job. I spent several hours considering the energy industry, specifically oil as a career. Something I am learning is that it is important to not worry so much. I will easily get stressed the more I focus on my career. So for now, as always, I am working hard on the tasks at hand.

I had a good week of running. I ran the Bolder Boulder and ran a 36:19, which is one of my slowest 10ks but it has been my best race at altitude and there were some hills. I placed 148/53000 however I was beaten by five women, which is not something that I like to have happen to me in a race. I ran 75 miles and hiked about 30. I also did a 90% of marathon pace tempo. That is to say it is distinctly slower (10%) than marathon pace but also somewhat faster than I normally run. I am following a Canova schedule for the marathon and he prescribes many such "slow" tempos but at distances ranging up to 32 miles. The goal of these workouts is to get your body burning more fat and less carbohydrates so that you do not "hit the wall" in the marathon.

I started working Tuesday and did some painting floors and a little cleaning. Many of the staff members that I worked with in 2008 are back in 2010 and I am looking forward to an amazing summer. I am the Rock Climbing Director here at Tahosa Scout Camp. I hope to give many scouts an amazing opportunity and experience that I never exactly had.

For those that don't know, I more or less taught myself how to climb. I have also continually had to push my mountaineering to get to the next level. That is to say, the most motivating person for my climbing, I feel, has been myself. I hope to motivate others and give them the opportunity to learn this activity in an environment that is more safe than the way I learned this sport. I never took risks so high that I would not take again, but I know that I have been in situations that had something gone wrong I would have had a big problem with self rescue. For the most part I know more now.

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