Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Message From the Field

Hello all!

So for all of you excited to hear from and about Isaiah's travels, I have an update!

He called my parents (I am Berea, Isaiah's sister, btw) from the expeditions doctors cell phone and is now in Islamabad, Pakistan! Meaning the flights went well, and he safe so far. He is currently with 12 of the other members on his expedition. Flying into Pakistan, he first arrived in Dubai and met up with 4 of the members, as they were noticeably the only 4 caucasion, mountain looking men. As excited as he has been, he got no sleep on any of his flights and slept for 13 hours upon getting settled.

Pakistan is ten hours ahead of central time and for many of you reading this on the East Coast Pakistan is 9 hours ahead of your time. So talk about jet lag!
Isaiah could not speak with us for long, but it was very obvious how excited and happy he was.
Keep posted, I will be updating as I hear from him.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

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